Stop the Spread of Coronavirus and Protect Yourself With This...

American-Made, Anti-Microbial
 Patriot Protector Mask!

Show Your Patriotism and Stop The Spread With 
The Patriot Protector Mask

  • Made with hospital- and military-grade antimicrobial fabric
  • Just use bleach to activate its antimicrobial properties 
  • ​Most masks and pull-up neck covers won't kill germs like this one
  • Made in Tennessee, ships from our fulfillment center in Salt Lake City, Utah

This Space-Age, Medical- & Military-Grade
 Mask Kills Germs!

This mask fabric was developed by Milliken, a 150-year-old American manufacturing company.

The mask contains a layer of Biosmart™ technology that is bleach activated.

Biosmart™ actually binds chlorine particles to the surface of the fabric which then kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses as they enter the mask.

This process can be repeated for up to 85 washes, so you can use your mask for months!

This mask material captures bleach particles from the wash and then releases them as you breath to kill viruses and bacteria.
This technology is being used by hospitals and the military right now to protect our healthcare workers on the front lines.

And our patriotic flag design is color-safe and won't run or fade after repeated washings.

So protect yourself and those around you now with the only mask that uses Biosmart™ technology.

Made In Tennessee By Department of Defense Contractors

We need to support American manufacturers now more than ever, 
and now you can stay healthy doing it!
We worked for months to find masks made by Americans, for Americans, in America.

These masks are made in a factory that also makes clothing  for the US military.

They also make performance outerwear for our special forces. 

They are regularly inspected by the Department of Defense for safety, quality, and fair wages.

Now you can support American citizens,  American jobs and protect you and your family at the same time!

Introducing: The Patriotic Protector Resusable Face Mask

The Patriot Protector Face Mask

The underwire makes the fit over the nose snug so glasses won't fog.  The ear loops are soft and won't pull the ears.

Mask creates a snug, soft fit that won't leak and won't get too hot.  

Our No Fog Guarantee: wear your glasses on or just past the nose piece and 
we guarantee your glasses won't fog!

  • Soft, Comfortable Material Doesn't Chafe Or Get Hot 
  • ​Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria After Bleaching
  • ​Made In and Ships from The USA
  • ​Won't Fog Glasses
  • ​Support American Jobs and American Manufacturing!

Plus We Offer The ONLY Lifetime Guarantee In The Industry

We've been in the preparedness business for 12 years now.  

And our success is due largely to the fact that we stand behind everything we sell.  

If you're dissatisfied at ANY time, we'll refund your money no questions asked. 

There is no time limit, no weird return procedure, no hassles.

Just email us and she'll get you taken care of with a refund or exchange within 24 hours.

Here's What Our Clients Say

Buy American!

Love this mask.  After washing it was really soft and I love telling friends it was made in America. Not many people can say that about their mask these days.  I like this one, I came back to buy 5 more.

- Joe Pularo

Look, you gotta wear one sometimes...

I don't like wearing them any more than you guys do but you gotta do it if you want to have football and travel this fall!  So just do it, and get this one.  Might as well buy from the US.

- Charlie S.

Got in 4 days and started wearing immediately

The mask is super comfortable and doesn't get hot on your cheeks like so many others did.  My sister is making some but they don't fit well and make you sweat.  This one feels really light and you can breathe in and out easy.  Just get one. 

- Melissa H

Might as well get used to it...

I can't believe people are still going out without masks!  Are they embarrassed?  Maybe they can't find them, but they should get one of these for everyone in their family.  Affordable and feels great. This quarantine could last months unless we start wearing masks!!!!!

- DT

Great mask!  Shipped quick...

This is the best mask I have been able to find. I tried a few and they were so uncomfortable I couldn't wear them for more than a few minutes.  This one fits great and after a while I forget I have it on.

- Ralph V.

Comfort, Security & Patriotism!

The mask hugs your face comfortably while leaving space around your mouth. It's hard to describe the fit, but it's like no other. The fit over your nose is secure and my glasses have no fogging. My husband and I are clearly different sizes yet both experienced ultimate comfort. 

- Jean 

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